Hopi Candles

The candle itself is made from natural ingredients   usually beeswax and natural herbs.  Sometimes pure essential oils are added to achieve specific therapeutic results.

The procedure is comfortable and soothing. Recipients of the treatment sometimes fall asleep, and it has a relaxing, calming effect on the whole body.

Locally applied heat also has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, which can strengthen the immune system and enhance lymph circulation.  The treatment is completed with a gentle massage.

What can Hopi Ear Candling Do for You?Hopi Ear Candling has many positive benefits and can help with a variety of conditions of the ear.
These include - 

  • Tinnitus
  • Sinusitus
  • Glue Ear
  • Hayfever and rhinitus
  • Excessive ear wax
  • General hearing loss
  • Colds
  • Tension headaches
  • Travel sickness
  • Meniere's disease