Dr Jamil Hayek



Dr. Jamil Hayek specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is a qualified, skilled, talented and a experienced specialist. Dr Hayek's passion for the art of plastic surgery inspired him to continue training between the UK and Europe. He dedicates his expertise in helping patients achieve the goals they are looking for. He is constantly participating and sharing experience at various international seminars and conferences. He has spent additional time in Brazil, Europe, further developing his cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Hayek is a member of ISAPS and LAPS. The focus of the aesthetic treatments and operations is always on the realisation of the results you are searching for. Dr Hayek will be pleased to advise you on the treatment options in a personal and detailed discussion.

"When I make my patients smile that's real success"

Dermal Fillers                                                                                                          

Juvederm volift 0.5 mls £199           

Juvederm volift 1ml £290

Juvederm voluma 1ml £300

Juvederm volux 1ml £300

Juvederm ultra smile £240

Belotero intense 1ml £220

Belotero volume 1ml £230


Anti-Wrinkle Injections Treatments

One area £109.00

Two areas £159.00

Three areas £210.00

Additional area £50.00

Hyperhidrosis treatment (treatment of underarm sweating) £300.00

Treatment for hands sweating £280


We offer/prices

Full facelift £55006000

Classic mid and lower facelift £45005400

Lower facelift/neck lift £36004400

Brow lift £15502400

Upper eyelid surgery £8501600

Lower eyelid surgery £9501650

Ear pinning - both ears £8001600

Ear pinning - one ear £4501175

Full rhinoplasty £27003300

Tip rhinoplasty £16502300

Chin surgery (including implants) £20002600

Facial fat grafting £15502350

Breast Augmentation (fat transfer) £26503600

Breast augmentation (including implants) £30004300

Breast lift £25003100

Breast lift and augmentation £38504750

Breast reduction £27503500

Inverted nipple surgery from £850

Gynecomastia £17502700

Full tummy tuck £27003500

Mini tummy tuck £22002900

Abdomen, waist, outer thighs, inner thighs, knees £22002900

Abdomen, waist, outer/inner thighs £20002750

Abdomen, waist, back, outer thighs, inner thighs, knees £23503150

Outer thighs, inner thighs, knees £19002650

Abdomen, waist £13001950

Lipo-injection from £2900

Upper arm or thigh lift from £1950

Buttocks lift £3200-3650


Gift vouchers are available for any of the above treatments

Consultation sessions available if desired please phone the salon to book






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